We are beyond excited to let you all know that we have been chosen
to be the exclusive Juniper Ridge outpost store in the Santa Cruz area!

Juniper Ridge was founded in 1998 by hiker, mushroom-forager, and wilderness
enthusiast Hall Newbegin. When Juniper Ridge was just getting off the ground,
Hall would spend the week harvesting plants up in the mountains, making natural
fragrance in his kitchen, and selling his latest creations at the Berkeley and
San Francisco Farmers’ Markets.

Over the years, Juniper Ridge has grown from a one-man operation
into a staff of 15 like-minded hiking enthusiasts who harvest the plants,
blend the fragrances, ship the products, and head out on
backpacking adventures together.

What does an outpost store mean?
Well firstly, we are the only store in Santa Cruz that carries Juniper Ridge. 
This means, we have loads of deliciously smelling, handcrafted JR
products in store at all times..

Being an outpost store also means we get a visit from the Juniper Ridge Field Van; 
Which will come on down and distill some natural fragrances right in front of CM.

You can now find an array of Juniper Ridge products at Cameron Marks.