Cameron Marks Founder,
Vanessa Ambrose, writes a monthly column
on a local fashion blog called The Penny Rose...

In this month's 'The Curator', Vanessa chooses five of her favorite things....

1. Ace & Jig Spring 2015 RTW Collection
I love the story behind Ace & Jig and the feel-good ethical way in which their clothes
are produced. They design their own textiles and work with master weavers in India who
do the weaving on beautiful old wood looms. Their Spring 2015 Ready to Wear collection
doesn’t disappoint and definitely grabbed my heart and also probably quite a bit of
space in my wardrobe this upcoming season.
Available at Cameron Marks in February 2015.

2. Advanced Style
It started as a blog and is now a documentary called "Advanced Style” in which
blogger Ari Seth Cohen depicts seven New York women, ages 62 to 95, whose eclectic
personal style and amazingly vital and youthful spirits will no doubt win a place in your heart.
As we live in a world known for prizing youth above all else, the lovely ladies of
“Advanced Style” show that aging can be done not only with absolute grace,
but also with inimitable flair.
A must see.


3. Fashionable Selby
I'm a huge fan when it comes to the “Selby” series of books. The man behind
the series, photographer Todd Selby, decided to turn his lens to the world of fashion this
time around with his third volume called “Fashionable Selby,” which was released earlier this year.
Selby takes us into the studios and personal spaces of fashion designers, stylists, models,
and shoemakers, the likes of Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant to name just a few.
Diehard fashion fans will love it!

4. Ariele Alasko
A few years ago, during one of my online jaunts down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I came a
cross an artist by the name of Ariele Alasko, and have been obsessed with her craft ever since.
She makes the coolest things out of wood in her Brooklyn studio including furniture, headboards
and some of the best looking cheese boards I've ever seen. Most of her materials are salvaged
from old barns, gutted brownstones and picked up on road trips.
She’s one very talented gal.

5. Workaday Handmade
Forrest Lewinger, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, is the Brooklyn ceramist
behind Workaday Handmade. I had the chance to meet Forrest a few months back in
New York City on a buying trip and upon first sight of his ceramic wares I had to place
an order for the stores. Exquisite hand-made vessels, bowls and tumblers made from
incredibly luscious porcelain, hand-painted with an indigo underglaze of spots,
dots, drips, and splotches that just seem to add to their unpretentious charm
and carefree elegance.
Available at Cameron Marks.