Cameron Marks Founder,
Vanessa Ambrose, writes a monthly column
on a local fashion blog called The Penny Rose...

In this month's 'The Curator', Vanessa chooses four of her favorite things....

1. Cook & Gates
My favorite carry-all I’m toting all over the place at the moment is the Mini Duffel bag 
by a line that we love carrying in the store, Cook & Gates.
Designer Sara Gates is Brooklyn-based (I’m a huge fan of Brooklyn designers).
Each bag is hand-made using a highly ornate bleaching technique which allows
each bag to stand as its own work of art.
Available at Cameron Marks. 

2. Beatrice Valenzuela Handmade Shoes
I first discovered the amazing shoes of Beatrice Valenzuela through two great friends,
Mara Charron (who is also my favorite esthetician at L'Atelier Spa) and Sara Brown.
They’re big fans of Beatrice Valenzuela shoes and now I am, too.
Her shoes are super unique, beautiful, inspired by traditional Mexican styles,
and are completely hand-made by artisans in Mexico City.
I’m thinking of investing in a pair this summer—The Botines Bootie.

3. Ligne Roset Togo Lounge
The Togo Lounge is one of my favorite pieces of seating designs ever.
My dream couch! Designed in 1973 by French designer Michel Ducaroy,
there is something about its low slung ultra cool profile that appeals
to my inner '70s love child.
On my wish list.

4. The Documentary "Finding Vivian Maier." 
An intriguing film which traces the life story of accomplished photographer
Vivian Maier who is now considered one of the greatest street photographers
of the 20th century. Maier is mostly unknown, even by the people who knew her.
She secretly shot more than 100,000 photographs which were hidden away in
storage boxes and never seen in her lifetime until they were sold and unearthed decades
later at a storage unit auction for cheap by John Maloof. 
Can’t wait for this one.