Cameron Marks team member,
Jadon Medina, recently moved to Los Angeles
to pursue his dreams in the fashion industry...

In this month's LA Connection column,
Jadon writes about three of his favorite new discoveries...

1. Good Times at Davey Waynes:
A few of my friends had suggested I go to this amazing place called Good Times
at Davey Waynes. Located in Hollywood, this immersive bar is completely themed as a 70's
retro house -- complete with shag couches, lava lamps, and wood panelling.
With tunes blasting from Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, and Jackson 5;
it's hard to stay seated.
My advice: make sure you catch a glimpse of the
disco-dancing roller skaters on the roof in the backyard.

2. MUJI Store:
While walking along the uber hip Main Street in Santa Monica, I stumbled upon MUJI.
This Japanese brand is all about simple, functional treasures. With products ranging
from air humidifiers, furniture, toothbrushes, jackets, and more...
MUJI is every minimalists dream.

3. The Victorian
My roommate brought me to the upscale lounge called The Victorian, located in Santa Monica.
With chandeliers hanging high in the trees, it's hard not to feel glamorous as
you sip on a martini in the Southern California nighttime air. Make sure to also
check out the underground bar beneath The Victorian called the Basement Tavern.
Catch a listen to the live bands and check out the black and white silent movies
playing -- very old Hollywood.