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Sqirl LA Assorted Jams



Get a taste of the hip Los Angeles brunch spot Sqirl with a selection of four of their famous jams. Please note, our selection of jams changes seasonally. Current offerings are listed below & in the drop down menu.

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Made in Los Angeles by Sqirl Restaurant


7.75 oz jar

Rose Diamond Nectarine: From Masumoto Farms, one of the most incredible certified organic stone fruit farms in all of America, comes the richly flavored Rose Diamond Nectarine. It's a gorgeous jam, just a reminder of how wonderful summer can be. 

Raspberry & Cardamom: McGrath Family Farm grows only a small amount of raspberries as the variety they plant (Liberty) are highly perishable and also extremely fragile. Somehow the marriage of cardamom and raspberries is ying&yang at work. Certified organic raspberries, fair trade organic cane sugar, sorrento lemon juice, freshly ground green cardamom from McGrath Family Farm and Rancho Del Sol. 

Moro Blood Orange & Tonga Vanilla Bean: A full fruit blood orange marmalade that tastes exceptionally fresh with the ruby color of ripe Moro Blood Oranges. Cooked with full pods of organic Vanilla Bean, it's reminiscent of a Creamsicle...in marmalade form. Certified Organic blood oranges (segments, juice, pectin), fair trade sugar, sorrento lemon juice, and vanilla from Rancho Del Sol. 

Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium: Firm in texture and compact in size and flavor these strawberries are perfect for preserving because the addition of cane sugar allows the jam to retain the fruits' authenticity without being cloyingly sweet. Certified Organic seascape strawberries, fair trade cane sugar, sorrento lemon juice, rose geranium from McGrath Family Farm in Rancho Del Sol.

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