Just down the street from the shop sits our favorite restaurant in town! A lofty space gives a breezy ambiance for a cozy dinner no matter the season. They serve a great mix of small bites, salads and wood fired pizzas. You'll also love the fried chicken! They change the menu daily so there is always something delicious to taste! Don't Panic It's Organic ;)

Insider tip: Bantam just started serving brunch on Saturdays, stop in on your way to shop with us!



Just around the corner from the shop on Swift St is Venus, a local gin distillery (and they just started doing rye, too!) You can swing by on a weekend and do a gin tasting or grab a cocktail at their tasting room!



A neighborhood favorite for bread and pastries. Companion boasts a cool modern vibe with the comfort of the tastiest bread in town. Grab a kougin aman (the best!!) for breakfast, a sandwich for your beach picnic and a loaf of bread for dinner.




The local coffee connoisseurs just expanded this past year to the westside with a dreamy new space (next to Bantam!) Stop by in the morning for your caffeine fix and to try one of the acclaimed pastries from Manresa Bakery, David Kinch's Los Gatos spot. Already had your coffee or prefer tea? Try the "Bowl of Soul" - chamomile tea steeped in soy milk with honey and cinnamon (sub out for earl grey if you're needing an afternoon pick me up!)


Ristorante Avanti

A great choice for a family meal or snag a seat at the bar for a cocktail & their special fried chicken Sunday dinner.


They also have a pizza spot just down the road if you're craving a slice.