Barebones Living | Cast Iron Flat Pan

Use the Cast Iron Flat Pan to make crepes, pancakes, tortillas, pizzas, and more. Lighter than a skillet and smaller than a griddle, it’s versatile yet easy to store and carry. Naturally nonstick with open sides, flipping and serving delicate dishes is si
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  • 12” preseasoned cast iron cooking surface
  • Open sides and high back
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Crafted for indoor/outdoor use
  • Seasoned with sunflower oil

MATERIAL | Cast iron

CARE | Hand wash using only hot water, no soap. Use a stainless steel cleaning mesh for scrubbing. Dry thoroughly and lightly coat with your choice of cooking oil. This helps prevent rust and maintains the seasoning for the next use.

DIMENSIONS | 11.97” X 11.97” X 3.0”

WEIGHT | 7.0 lbs each

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