African Wax Print Textiles

This groundbreaking book reveals the complex origins of African wax print textiles. In beautifully illustrated chapters, Anne Grosfilley an anthropologist who specializes in African textiles & fashion, traces the process of printing and dying the fabric,

She also explores the differences of mass-produced and artisanally sourced fabrics, tracking where textiles go from the manufacturing centers to markets and cities throughout Africa and the world. Grosfilley offers the fruits of her own passionate research as she profiles a variety of individuals from rural venders to trendsetting fashionistas. This eye-opening study celebrates the enormous variety of African fabric styles and uses, and explores the complex interconnections between the continent and colonialism and between modern technology and Old World practices.

More Details:

Author: Anne Grosfilley

Publisher: Prestel

Published: April 2nd, 2018

Hardcover: 264 pages

Measurements: 24.8 x 2.5 x 29.2 cm