The Grand Hostels

Travel in style on a budget with these fun design hostels around the globe.

Hostels are more fun! Would you like to explore cities with like-minded people when you travel? Live the local life, and take part in communal activities? A new wave of hostels is emerging that offer just that, with an extra shot of service and comfort.From outdoor swimming pools to rooftop dinners, co-working spaces to Spanish cooking lessons, the services and facilities on offer are outstanding. And all can be enjoyed from the convenience of a private room.

The Grand Hostels will provide you with insights beyond just price and location. The hostels featured are perfect for foodies, outdoors-types, and digital nomads alike, as well as for short city breaks.

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Author: Gestalten & Kash Bhattacharya

Publisher: Gestalten

Published: August, 2018

Hardcover: 320 pages

Measurements: 17 × 22.5 cm

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