Hlthpunk | Organic Sauce

Exceptionally delicious, organic, plant based innovations. Hlthpunk brings you a line of better-for-you condiments including the world’s first ever oat based vegan mayo. Super tasty, super healthy and super groovy, go on give it a squeeze.

UFO Organic Burger Sauce / 1 Tube (5.3 oz)

The UFO Organic Burger Sauce is an 'impossibly awesome secret sauce’ that will knock your socks off from impossible to beyond!

Made with a combination of our ultra healthy Bionnaise vegan mayo, Hot Dijon Mustard, Tomato paste and a dash of cayenne, this plant based secret sauce is chock full of superfoods and nutrition.

Harissa Smoked Organic / 1 Tube (5.3 oz)

A lovely, hot, smokey variation on our SOFI award winning Entube Harissa. Fully vegan and brimming with superfoods cayenne, cumin, oregano, turmeric and more, each and every ingredient is good for you.

Bionnaise Organic Vegan Mayo / 1 Tube (4.8 oz)

We aren’t in the habit of blowing our trumpets, but our plant based oat mayonnaise is hands down the best tasting vegan mayo on the planet.

Packed with superfoods and proteins, vegan mayo has never been so healthy or tasty. You’ll be spreading our Bionnaise in places you never thought of!

Mustard Organic OG Dijon / 1 Tube (5.3 oz)

Based on the original Hot Dijon Mustard much loved by Louis XI of France, who kept a pot with him at all times.
Four simple clean ingredients in a mustard that's as pure as it gets. It’s the best, so go ahead and squeeze it like a king.

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