Izipizi - Screen - #E - Tortoise

All “LED screens” (smartphones, tablets, computer screens, Tvs, etc.) emit a “blue light” which is particularly harmful to eyes.

Equipped with lenses that filter 40% of this blue light, IZIPIZI's #SCREEN collection makes everyday life more co

IZIPIZI was founded in 2010 by three French entrepreneurs Charles Brun, Quentin Couturier and Xavier Aguera, they reimagined traditional eyewear, creating eyewear that is more stylish, fun, and affordable. The IZIPIZI collection has a range of shapes that boast vintage styles, offers modern colors, and wearability.

  • Anti-blue light lenses
    Blue light is almost as dangerous as UV light. The SCREEN range is equipped with innovative lenses that filter out 40% of the blue light (rays emitted between 400 and 460nm) emitted by our screens, for a gentler daily experience in front of the screen and protection for your eyes.



  • Flex hinges
    Flexible and comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes. 
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