Japanese Folding Knife | Brass Handle

A Higonokami pocket knife was traditionally used for small jobs in and around the house, to peel an apple, to sharpen pencils, during camping trips, etc. The blade is slightly curved and is roughly finished at the top. This reinforces the traditional feel

Dimensions | Mini : 2. 1/8” Closed | Large : 3. 3/4" Closed | Extra Large : 4. 3/4" Closed 

Characteristics of a Higonokami knife:

  • The handle is made of a folded casing of brass, steel, or titanium, stamped with Japanese Kanji characters that shows the name of the maker and the steel type of the blade.
  • The presence of a Chikiri (the lever at the end of the blade) The lack of a locking system.
  • The fact that the blade completely disappears in the handle when the blade is closed. Note that the length of the blade is traditionally measured from the point to the Chikiri (lever).
  • The actual cutting edge is much shorter (65 mm with a 90 mm blade).

Available in three sizes mini, large, and extra large. Also available in size Large in black titanium and chrome silver.

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