Linhart | Linamel Toothpaste

A sought after toothpaste made in the USA by dentists. Contains aloe vera to help sooth and heal gums and Linamel to help fight tooth decay. Plus, it looks pretty striking on your bathroom shelf ;)
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3.4 oz

Made in the USA by dentists

Linamel Ingredients:

Theobromine: An extract of cocoa beans that helps strengthen enamel.  
Xylitol: A natural sugar that neutralizes pH levels and is proven to reduce tooth decay!
Fluoride: Naturally-occurring, the hallmark of modern cavity prevention; fluoride remineralizes enamel and protects it from acid.

Aloe Vera: This age-old natural plant extract can help prevent irritated and inflamed gums, while soothing and healing.

3.4 oz tube. TSA approved.

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