Lola James Harper | Music Studio Room Spray

2 The Music Studio on Trufo Street. CASHMERAN/ROSE/MUSK. The Trufo Studio the recording studio in Paris where Lola James Harper worked on their albums. This Music Studio candle captures the moments of their time spent at the studio.
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Traveling the world, recording and sharing music, playing basketball, taking pictures, catching fragrance of inspiring places and gathering life mind-sets…This is Lola James Harper way of life…

Those of Ulona Hooman, Karima Adams, Call Box, Casual Fly and recently Billy Hell…. The studio is at the top floor (fifth floor) of an old Parisian building built in 1870…. It is just under the roof of the building so we can still see the old oak beams…the place is filled with african and oriental percussions, with a silver drum kit, and a load of electric and acoustic guitars…. we love this place to create, compose and write songs…We recorded there a lot of demos….

The room sprays are made of the highest quality ingredients and are the same composition as our Eau de Toilette’s with just less perfume concentrate and they have not been through the extensive French dermalogical testing. Can be used as a room spray or spritz your clothes. Avoid getting directly on skin.
There are many nice rituals for travel and home while using the room spray...
When traveling we suggest people take a new scent on a trip and spray it during the vacation so when you come home and spray it the scent is connected to those wonderful memories. But since we are not doing that now it is also nice for people to spray when they are doing home rituals they love….watching a film, reading , listening to music, playing games, meditation, yoga, dance class, etc…so the scent can be connected to a nice peaceful moment at home.  
Though our scents we born from our founders real memories traveling around the world they are a wonderful way for all of our friends to scent their fond memories as well….as the scent will forever remind them of that moment.
  • Notes of Cashmeran, Rose, Musk
  • 1.7 oz / 50ML
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