Nawrap | All Natural Bath Mats

Japanese Bathmats made from 100% natural materials & produced without chemicals or dyes. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, in muted natural tones, they’re also extremely high quality, durable, & soft.


Japanese brand Nawrap have taken the cloth world by storm with their innovative designs that intertwine very peculiar and very extra-ordinary components into their weaves.
Each Nawrap product is made in Japan using traditional Japanese weaving techniques. Many years ago, Nawrap manufactured mosquito nets, but later transitioned into home textiles. Because of this, the soft material has a net-like appearance. The weave construction is incredibly unique, & the fabric is very absorbent & quick to dry making them perfect to use in the bathroom.

The unique bath mat features 10 layers of material.

Linen: 50% cotton & 50% linen

Persimmon: 70% Cotton & 30% Rayon. Persimmon features antimicrobial & anti-odor properties. This means your tea towel will not become a breeding ground for bacteria, helping them last longer & smell better.

Binchotan: 65% rayon & 35% cotton. Infused with ultra-fine binchotan (Japanese oak) which naturally provides improved anti-microbial & anti-odour properties.

  • 13.5 x 27"
  • 10 layer weave increasing absorbency and durability
  • Beautifully soft fabric which improves with use
  • Textured surface aiding cleaning
  • Quick drying
  • Made in Japan

Use and care:

  • Machine or hand wash.
  • Hang to dry. Do not put in a clothes dryer.
  • Bleaching in not recommended. Use oxygen bleach if required.
  • This fabric will soften with use. You can speed up this process by soaking in hot water before first use.
  • Fabric may shrink slightly after washing.


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