Prana Chai | Chai Pot & Strainer Set

Start feeling like a true chai aficionado & create a daily ritual to look forward to with your chai teas with this ar-tea-stic chai pot & strainer set from Prana Chai.
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A Chai pot & strainer set that the folks at Prana Chai recommend to all their cafes is now available for everyone! Yes, even you.

Become a true chai master by preparing your Prana Chai exactly as it was intended. This brewing pot has a wide girth & curves in all the right places to allow the good stuff to infuse properly. The high grade stainless steel pot is unbreakable, easy to clean, & made for stove top brewing.

Combined with an extra fine chai strainer, you’ll be making unparalleled chai teas in no time. The strainer comes with tightly woven, ultra fine mesh grid that prevents tea & spices from escaping through to your final cuppa. It’ll deliver you a silky smooth chai every time. The strainer is also comfy to hold, with a handle made to promote a steady grip. And because Prana Chai don’t skimp on the details, the high grade stainless steel makes the strainer rust resistant so it will last a lifetime.

Pots are not Induction Cooktop compatible.

Prana Chai on the stove:

  • • Heap 2-3 teaspoons of Prana Chai per cup (240ml) of milk (soy recommended)
  • • Place over medium heat and stir until hot, just before it starts simmering
  • • Pour the mixture through a mesh strainer
  • • Enjoy!
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