Cap Beauty | The Neat Matcha Stick Box

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Matcha on the move. Perfect for traveling, on the go, or a gift! Bring your calm focus anywhere with these individual packets of our Organic and Ceremonial Grade Matcha. 15 packets per box.
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Green matcha is known to enhance mood and create a relaxed alertness while supplying a surge of antioxidants and lifeforce minerals, Matcha has your back. Make Matcha a habit. Travel in good health. Begin within. 22.5 grams of High Vibrational Focus/15 Packets

Organic, ceremonial grade matcha for travel.


Add 1 packet to your favorite tea cup, bowl (or water bottle!). Add 3 ounces of hot (not boiling) or ice cold filtered water. Whisk or shake well until tea is dissolved and a pretty foam appears on the surface. You can adjust the amount of Matcha or water to your liking. Drink in vibrant health.